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Wellness Coaching

Holistic wellness coaching uses proven techniques to evaluate mind, body, and spirit alignment. We will work together to create holistic balance in your life by applying thoughtfully designed action that will propel you to thrive in all areas of your life.

Food Coaching

I believe that healthy food is medicine for our bodies! Let's choose the best ingredients for you to tackle food related challenges in your life! We will design a stress free system for planning and cooking healthy meals to fuel your body and support your mind.

Creative Expression

I believe that creative expression is food for the soul! We will collaborate to design a menu that taps into your flow as a Chef. With my background as a Professional Chef I can help you embrace and explore the Culinary Arts as a way to nurture and fuel your body, mind, and soul.


"Working with Leigh is an amazing experience. With her experience and insights I have been able to get my overall wellness on the right track and accomplish more than I thought was possible. Our sessions together are freeing. Leigh holds space for me to be myself and asks thoughtful questions that are taking me on a wonderful journey."
Matthew Collinson
Coaching Client
"I worked with Leigh to create a plan for my future. Knowing that a shift in priorities was coming, I wanted to feel prepared for my new life as an empty nester. Leigh asked thoughtful and engaging questions that helped me explore my interests and values. She offered tools and resources that have helped me use mindfulness as I choose how I want to spend my time. Each session left me with a sense of growth and deeper self awareness. Leigh has a calm and effective approach to wellness, and I highly recommend her services!"
Robin Ackerman
Coaching Client
"Leigh is such a gentle but powerful coach. Her demeanor and attention show how deeply she cares for people and their personal journeys. Her thoughtful and creative questions always inspire new insights within me which makes me always look forward to a session with her!"
Suzanne Costas
Coaching Client


A free phone consultation will allow us to determine if we are a good fit before you purchase a package. Contact me for pricing.

Starter and Maintenance Package
  • Three 1 hour weekly Zoom or Phone Sessions for an introduction to the coaching process or a short term wellness reset. This package is designed to be a starting point for individuals interested in learning about the process and benefits of working with a Coach or for established clients who need a few maintenance sessions.
  • Need based sliding scale available.
Corporate Level
  • Bespoke Wellness Seminars for Your Corporate Community
  • I design perfectly tailored team-building workshops bolstered by proven coaching tools and techniques. Employees will learn to maximize wellness in their lives and create flow in their work-life balance.
  • Please contact for quote.
Subscription Package
  • Nine 1 hour Zoom or Phone Sessions for an in depth coaching experience. We will design an alliance and create a safe space for you to explore what you what to achieve on your path to holistic wellness. Clients are supported throughout the process and guided to a deeper awareness, trust, and reliance on internal wisdom and resilience.
  • Need based sliding scale available.

My Story

Leigh Copeland helps clients embrace a holistic approach to wellness so they may actualize their potential though personal, growth-centered action.

I am a Certified Wellness Coach and the owner of Leigh Copeland Wellness Coaching. I am passionate about working with women who are facing life transitions. I help new mothers keep their center. I help women face myriad food challenges. I help empty nesters reconnect with their purpose and sense of self. Through a mindful and systematic approach to holistic wellness, I support clients as they design action to maximize wellness potential in their lives.

I am a classically trained Chef with 20+ years experience, and I infuse my culinary knowledge with my Wellness Coaching skills and provide clients a unique perspective on nutrition and physical wellness. As an Empath I am able to use keen listening and intuition to meet my clients with curiosity and compassion as they strive for mind, body, and spirit wellness.  

I received the majority of my college education at Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Georgia, and studied Culinary Arts at The Art Institute of Atlanta. I received my Wellness Coach training at Coach Training EDU in Portland, Oregon. In my free time I enjoy creative writing, mowing grass, gardening, and playing with my 5 year old Portuguese Water Dog, Olive.

I believe in living the life of the mind, and that growth mindset is an essential life skill. I believe that healthy food is medicine for our bodies. I believe that creative expression is medicine for our souls. I believe in healing and forgiveness and tenacity and resilience. Most of all, I believe in love.


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